CloudSend – v 1.4.7 – The “I <3 Options” Update

This is a quick CloudSend release, designated 1.4.7. It brings some minor but useful changes, mostly in the Settings menu. First off, you now have the setting to show a Toast Message when your upload finishes. Secondly, you can now choose to tell CloudSend to try not to create MMS messages to be sent when sharing with your Text Messaging app. This is in response to SnakeEyes21 on XDA-Developers here. Most importantly though, GET READY FOR A MAJOR RELEASE! The next version of CloudSend will have many, many new features and improvements!screen_send_sms

New Features:

- Setting to “Show Toast Message on Upload Completion”

- Setting to attempt to create non-MMS messages with text messaging app

Bug Fixes:

- SnakeEyes21 MMS bug

Android app on Google Play

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